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CORN: Students spend a short time in the Corn Awareness Centre, learning about corn; how it grows, where it grows and what corn needs in order to grow. Students will also learn about different kinds of corn and all the many things corn is used for. Then the students, accompanied with a chaperone, will have the opportunity to travel through the corn maze, working on clues, finding their way through a challenging puzzle. PUMPKINS: Students have the opportunity to learn all about pumpkins; the origins, varieties and uses. Think pumpkin pie, and roasted seeds! They will appreciate the rich variety of sizes, colours, the feel the weight of them, see and feel the stringy pulp and taste of the pumpkin seeds. Each field trip will give students an opportunity to travel by wagon to the Pumpkin Patch to choose a pumpkin of their own. The pumpkin patch will be available later in September and throughout October.
See Hours of Operation to see available dates and times.